Starting a new job career is always a challenge. It is especially challenging for people who apply for jobs or trainings in a foreign country which requires to speak a language they are not fully fluent in.

It was always clear to us that good German skills would be key to successfully integrate the HOPE FOR THE FUTURE trainees into the local Austrian job market later on.


German-classes – at differentiated skill levels are, therefore, an integral part of our training program.

No prior German language skills required. The class focuses on basic vocabulary and grammar – strongly working with visuals, as communication in English as workaround and lingua franca to explain German language concepts is not a given. Final target is to reach A1 skill level.

This class, held in small groups, focuses on improving German language skills, targeting B1/B2 or C1 skill level. Many occupational trainings in Austria require achievement of B2 level as pre-condition. This step is, therefore, key for many of our trainees to progress in their training journey to get equipped for the jobs they strive for.

Applying German skills is, of course, happening beyond the German classes. In addition, the daily communication in context of the sewing workshops provides an opportunity to test and improve newly acquired language skills.

All our German classes are currently being held by volunteers. We are, therefore, really grateful for any new language trainer who wants to join our trainer team.

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