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Blog - EN · 25. Februar 2021
Child trafficking is a major social problem that receives too little attention. Time and again children are treated as goods and are sold for profit. They are then taken to other countries by child traffickers and exploited in many ways. The children must work under the most unworthy conditions and have no rights at all. They suffer from violence and abuse by the child traffickers. In order to counter this problem, it is necessary to identify victims of child trafficking and to actively help...
Blog - EN · 18. Februar 2021
Sadly, prostitution is a very lucrative business and the sex workers always seem to get younger and younger. Nowadays, it can be assumed that most women and men who succumb to prostitution come from the East. There are different reasons why they do this job. Those affected are often in a financial emergency, which is why they want to work abroad. They are promised fast and easy money and are forced to go down this path in order to free themselves from their predicament. However, what many do...

Blog - EN · 10. Februar 2021
Modern slavery is a global problem and claims millions of victims. The reasons and causes for human trafficking are complex and diverse and are shaped by social, economic and cultural factors. They are closely related to globalisation, trade and migration policy, labour markets, the poverty gap and humanitarian emergencies. Lack of opportunities for individuals in the countries of origin and the ever-increasing demand for cheap and easily exploited workers in the destination countries also must...
Blog - EN · 05. Februar 2021
Andrea founded Hope for the Future with the vision of providing sustainable support to people in exploitative situations. What began as a heart project to her, has now grown into a team of approximately 25 people in quite different areas. In addition to a few part-time employees, volunteers make a considerable contribution to our success. In this article, we will take you behind the scenes and introduce you to some of our volunteers. Perhaps one of the following areas appeal to you, and you...

Blog - EN · 29. Januar 2021
Transitioning into or becoming a john does not happen without reason or thoughtlessly. People deliberately ignore sexual exploitation and actively seek sex for sale. While pleasure or boredom are frequently cited reasons for repeated visits to prostitutes, it is among other things that pornography induces people to become johns. Both the prostitution system and the pornography industry are characterised by exploitation and human trafficking. However, those who are no longer satisfied with the...
The unpredictable loverboy scam
Blog - EN · 21. Januar 2021
Lena (name changed), a very bright, loving and pretty lady, is sharing her story today, which will surely get under your skin. As a child, she already experienced verbal and emotional abuse. Hoping for a better future, she fell into the hands of a so-called loverboy. She recounts how she survived the nightmare of sexual exploitation and how she lives today.

Blog - EN · 13. Januar 2021
Childhood sexual abuse is an extremely sensitive social problem that receives far too little attention. Unfortunately, sexual abuse is more common than you might think, but in many cases, it is simply hushed up. However, it is the responsibility of every individual and our society as a whole to address child abuse: to raise awareness about the problem and to protect those affected from long-term psychological effects. As long as victims of abuse are not listened to or given the opportunity to...
Future prospects through language lessons!
Blog - EN · 06. Januar 2021
I have been teaching German as a foreign language at Hope for the Future since May 2020. I am also studying social work and educational science at a university of applied sciences. In 2015 I completed my German trainer course in Vienna and support people in various marginalised groups. Our target group are people who are affected by forced prostitution and human trafficking. I am currently teaching a beginner and an advanced group. Around 3-9 visitors take part in the class every day. Our...

Labour exploitation in Austria
Blog - EN · 29. Dezember 2020
When you hear ‘labour exploitation’ you might think of textile factories in Bangladesh or construction in Dubai, but labour exploitation is not as far away as you might imagine. It also occurs every day in Austria. Those affected are invisible to society because they can hardly take part in public life. Since we have recently written some articles on forced prostitution, we will now devote this article to other forms of labour exploitation in Austria.
Blog - EN · 16. Dezember 2020
The association HOPE FOR THE FUTURE offers people in prostitution or those affected by human trafficking a programme to prepare for a professional new start.

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