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Blog - DE · 25. Februar 2021
Auf der Suche nach Überlebensperspektiven und neuen Chancen im Ausland geben sich viele Frauen der Prostitution in fremden Ländern hin. Nicht selten immigrieren Betroffene in ein reiches Land wie Österreich, um sich den Traum von finanzieller Unabhängigkeit zu schaffen. Einige von ihnen werden Opfer von verbaler und physischer Gewalt. Die Zahlen sind steigend. Die schwer traumatisierten Frauen schämen sich, dass ihnen Gewalt widerfahren ist. Durch den Sprach- und Ausbildungsmangel der...
Blog - EN · 18. Februar 2021
Sadly, prostitution is a very lucrative business and the sex workers always seem to get younger and younger. Nowadays, it can be assumed that most women and men who succumb to prostitution come from the East. There are different reasons why they do this job. Those affected are often in a financial emergency, which is why they want to work abroad. They are promised fast and easy money and are forced to go down this path in order to free themselves from their predicament. However, what many do...

Blog - DE · 10. Februar 2021
Suchtverhalten und größeres Suchtpotenzial in der Prostitution und Pornoindustrie ist kein seltenes Phänomen. Nicht wenige Betroffene ertränken ihre Probleme in Alkohol und Rauschgift. Der Teufelskreis beginnt da, wo man sich die Sucht finanzieren muss, um die psychische oder körperliche Notwendigkeit zu befriedigen. „Um die Sucht zu finanzieren, geht man oft in die Prostitution, und um die Prostitution auszuhalten, wird zum Suchtmittel gegriffen."
Blog - EN · 29. Januar 2021
Transitioning into or becoming a john does not happen without reason or thoughtlessly. People deliberately ignore sexual exploitation and actively seek sex for sale. While pleasure or boredom are frequently cited reasons for repeated visits to prostitutes, it is among other things that pornography induces people to become johns. Both the prostitution system and the pornography industry are characterised by exploitation and human trafficking. However, those who are no longer satisfied with the...

Blog - DE · 21. Januar 2021
Kann der Konsum von Pornografie zur Nachfrage von Prostitution führen? Der Verein HOPE FOR THE FUTURE beleuchtet diese Thematik.
Blog - EN · 13. Januar 2021
Childhood sexual abuse is an extremely sensitive social problem that receives far too little attention. Unfortunately, sexual abuse is more common than you might think, but in many cases, it is simply hushed up. However, it is the responsibility of every individual and our society as a whole to address child abuse: to raise awareness about the problem and to protect those affected from long-term psychological effects. As long as victims of abuse are not listened to or given the opportunity to...

Prostitution als Folge von Kindesmissbrauch
Blog - DE · 06. Januar 2021
Sexueller Kindesmissbrauch kann schwerwiegende Folgen für die Opfer bedeuten und sogar dazu führen, dass sie in der Prostitution enden. Der Verein Hope for the Future klärt auf.
Blog - EN · 26. November 2020
The following story is that of a woman, who, despite multiple experiences of deception, abuse, violence and exploitation, has found a new way into a self-determined life. HOPE FOR THE FUTURE was able to support her on parts of her way.

Blog - DE · 18. November 2020
Unterstützung für den Ausstieg aus der Prostitution in Österreich, HOPE FOR THE FUTURE hilft Frauen durch Arbeitstrainings.
Blog - EN · 18. November 2020
The corona pandemic triggered a wave of unemployment worldwide. Countries that rely heavily on tourism suffered severe economic damages. In Austria, attempts are being made to provide state financial aid for many industries. Whereas the situations in other parts of Europe and the world look much worse. People who live in countries with no functioning social system suffer heavily as they lose their livelihood when they lose their jobs.

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